I am a PhD student within the ILCC and CSTR institutes of the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. My supervisors are Steve Renals and Peter Bell.

My main research interests include

  • speech recognition: factorised adaptation of data in various acoustic and linguistic conditions;
  • computational auditory scene analysis: sound source localisation and separation inspired by the human auditory system; and
  • music information retrieval: inference from audio such as genres, instrument detection, etc., skills which are typically effortless to humans.


I have previously worked as a theatre consultant for Charcoalblue, advising on all aspects of audiovisual and acoustics design; and as a software tester and mechanic for the stage technology company Visual act.



  • J. Fainberg, “Improving Children’s Speech Recognition through Out of Domain Data Augmentation”, Master’s thesis, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 2015
  • J. Fainberg, “Sound Source Separation in Reverberant Environments using Interaural Coherence in a Probabilistic Model of Localisation”, Bachelor’s thesis (Poster), University of Surrey, Guildford, 2014


Chaos and fractals